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Standard Labradoodles


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The Labradoodle is hugely popular due to its amazing character and personality. The coats come into two basic types - fleece/wool and hair. The fleece/wool coats are virtually non shedding and low allergen.

True fleece and wool coats are found in F1b, F2b and F3b litters where there are more than 67.5% poodle genes. Therefore if you are looking for a non shedding low allergen Labradoodle you need to choose a puppy of this type. The curlier the coat the lower the allergen level. However this type of coat needs regular grooming and scissoring/ clipping.

It is important to book early if you are looking for a low allergen puppy to ensure you can choose the most suitable coat for your family as not all the puppies in the litter will necessarily have fleece or wool coats.

If you are looking for a scruffy looking easy care Labradoodle then choose a hair coated pup. Hair coats can be short, medium or long and vary from shedding to low shedding. The general rule is that the shorter the hair coat the more the dog will shed as an adult.
The short coated hair pup is more suited to an outdoor country life and requires much less grooming. Hair coats are present in all types of outbred litters irrespective of the genetic pool and take around 12 - 15 months to grow to their adult length and develop facial hair.

We breed three sizes of Labradoodle - Standard 22" - 26" - Medium 18 " - 22" and Miniature 14" - 18". Miniatures are detailed on their own page.

Labradoodles are fun, very loving and interactive. Very intelligent and easy to train. These dogs need daily exercise, companionship and games. Suitable for all families. Very child orientated. A great character that is more like a person than a dog. Our chocolate Labradoodles from certain bitches are particularly suitable for autistic children and autistic young adults as they are large and exceptionally laid back.

Colours - Solid colours White/ Cream/ Apricot/ Gold/ Chocolate and Black. Labradoodles also come in parti colours Apricot/ White, Black/ White and Chocolate/White, Phantom, Tuxedo and Spotted.

It should be noted that Labradoodles can change colour as they grow and that very rarely there will be a total change of colour as an adult.

☆ Benefits of choosing a Wentwood Puppy ☆

All Wentwood puppies receive the highest level of attention, veterinary care and the very best nutrition to ensure you have the healthiest pup possible.

When you choose a Wentwood puppy you receive a totally inclusive package. We provide a comprehensive puppy information pack, vet and medical documents and two weeks top quality puppy food. We will spend time answering your questions and help in any way we can.

Every puppy is thoroughly vetted, microchipped and vaccinated. We will register the puppy into your name and insure the pup with Pet Plan so you have peace of mind from the time you leave with your new family member.

The price of our medium & standard size Labradoodles is £1095 irrespective of coat. For rare or parti colours the price is between £1095 and £1250.

For information on puppies available and to know more about our fair and fully refundable booking system please call us on 01633 400153.